Hopkins Harvest featuring the Hot Spot is located in Windermere BC and was established in 1995. Local couple, Matthew and Kerstan, are constantly striving to bring positive change and growth to the Columbia Valley. Continually bringing in unique and new products for the Invermere and surrounding area to experience. 




 The Hot Spot:
Temporarily Closed

Take and bake options available!



Take note: We will be closed from November 15th - December 2nd.

Back open December 3rd. 

With the shortage of staff our hours of operation may be changing. We will be taking these couple weeks to work out all the details.

Thank you for understanding! 

-HH Family


A Farm-to-Table Experience

Meet Fred, Shelley, Matthew and Kerstan. The founders of Hopkins Harvest and The Hot Spot. Hopkins Harvest was started 20+ years ago by Fred and Shelley. It has grown into what you see today with the help of his daughter and son in law.

Now the owner/operators, Matt and Kerstan, want to continue to expand and provide for their community. Working closely with many high quality producers allows them to continuously source out the best of the best!

With operating year round, their envision of their specialty market is forever changing but Freds dream will always be alive.

Fred sadly left us June of 2017. He is forever missed by all his loyal customers, his friends and loving family. 

Next time you're in, pop by the restaurant to see our growing MEMORY WALL.


1645 HWY 93/95 Windermere BC, Canada   | HOTSPOT : 1-778-526-5162  

Hopkins Harvests specialty market is always sourcing out unique and high quality items to bring to the Columbia Valley. Constantly developing relationships with the farmers and producers, Hopkins Harvest is continuously expanding and growing.

Stop in for a visit and see the markets selection of goodies!

The Hot Spot was established in December of 2014. Utilizing their gorgeous wood oven to bring you their swing on Neapolitan Pizza.


More information on Events Coming Soon!


Offering dinner and dessert!

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